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12 October 2021


4 October 2021 marked a major milestone in the implementation of the Reforms of Vocational Education (RoVE), with the official handover of Careerforce’s standard setting responsibilities to the new Workforce Development Councils (WDCs).

Toitū te Waiora, the WDC for Community, Health, Education and Social Services will take on that role from industry training organisation, Careerforce for the health and disability sector where kaiāwhina are such a significant and valuable part of the workforce.

With this move, Toitū te Waiora will become the new partner with the Ministry of Health in overseeing the Kaiāwhina Workforce Plan.  Jane Wenman, Careerforce Chief Executive and exiting co-sponsor of the Kaiāwhina Workforce Plan and co-chair of the Taskforce, says

Kaiāwhina are crucial to delivering successful and positive outcomes for all people supported by the health and disability workforces.

“Over the past eight years there have been a number of successes for kaiāwhina.  Among these: qualification pathways are now available, more equitable pay and benefits for kaiāwhina have been achieved and kaiāwhina are now recognised as an essential workforce.”

Wenman continues “Careerforce is really proud of its work in increasing the visibility and promoting the value of kaiāwhina through our role as co-sponsors of the Kaiāwhina Workforce Plan over the last 8 years.  Careerforce has been a tireless champion in the development of qualification pathways, apprenticeships and leadership programmes for kaiāwhina along with providing resource support to the implementation of the Plan resulting in significant progress for the workforce and those they support.

It has been a privilege to have been part of the Kaiāwhina Workforce Plan’s story and we know that in handing this mahi to Toitū te Waiora, we can be very confident that the organisation has as much of a heart for kaiāwhina as we do.”

David Waters co-chair of Toitū te Waiora confirms “we acknowledge all the fantastic work of Careerforce, the Ministry of Health, the Kaiāwhina Workforce Taskforce and all those who have been part of the Kaiāwhina Plan journey. We are committed to keeping that good work going and being another champion for kaiāwhina.”

As Careerforce handover the Plan to Toitū te Waiora, Wenman says “We are thrilled to share the website and also a fresh new look and feel for the Kaiāwhina Plan.” With design led by Careerforce, the refreshed site is funded by Careerforce and the Ministry of Health as a commitment to increasing access to information on the Plan and resources for kaiāwhina.

Previously via the original website was developed before the workforce had a collective and mana enhancing name.  Until that point kaiāwhina were simply referred to as the unregulated or non-regulated health workforce. Since then, the name kaiāwhina has become the accepted and over-arching name for this wide and diverse workforce.

The Kaiāwhina Plan’s new url is more relevant for this diverse and vibrant workforce:

Live from 12 October, the site features news and stories about kaiāwhina and the Plan including stories of real kaiāwhina “heroes” from across the sector representing the diversity of cultures that are part of the workforce.

Careerforce retains its function for arranging training and is committed to its continuing role as pou manaaki and kaitiaki for all its trainees, apprentices and employers.  “The success of our learners remains our most important focus” says Wenman. “The reforms have opened up exciting new opportunities for us to amplify the value in the way we deliver training to the wellbeing sectors

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