We’re seeing more and more instances of academic dishonesty in learner’s assessments, and it appears that a small minority of our learners don’t think the rules apply to them. These learners may have presented evidence gathered from another learner’s previously submitted work or from online resources – including generative AI, or from other sources.

Careerforce takes academic dishonesty seriously

We have an important role in ensuring the integrity of our programmes and qualifications. Equally, your employer needs to know that you are skilled and competent to do your job, and your clients need to know they are being properly looked after.

Consequences of academic dishonesty

When examples of academic dishonesty have been detected, there are consequences. In some cases we have had to remove unit standards from a learner’s NZQA record of achievement and the learner is required to re-submit new assessment evidence for their assessments for marking. If a qualification has been awarded and unit standards are removed from the NZQA record of achievement, the qualification will also be removed. If continued academic dishonesty is detected, the learner’s training agreement may be terminated. All of these consequences can have impacts on the relationship between the learner and the employer.

Use your own words

All assessment work completed must be your own and must be produced without assistance from other trainees or other sources. Where you have used the ideas of other authors, you need to acknowledge all the sources. Learners are reminded that their training agreement requires compliance with The Educational Regulatory Framework of Te Pūkenga: Te Kawa Maiorooro.

There’s lots of support available

Remember, there are lots of supports available. If you are struggling with any of your assessments, or with literacy, please talk to your manager or assessor. You can also attend one of our free study workshops across the country, or contact us at Careerforce. You may also find the following resource helpful: Your original words.

Please know that we are here to help you become skilled, competent and to succeed!