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5 Feb 2018


The New Zealand Society of Diversional Therapists welcomes a qualification that they now recognise as meeting the requirement for their members. NZSDT Inc. is the professional organisation for individuals currently employed in the field of Diversional Therapy. This includes Diversional Therapists, Motivation Therapists, Activity Therapists, Activities or Recreation Officers and Occupational Therapy Aides.

Careerforce, the industry training organisation for the health and wellbeing sectors, recently completed the review of its apprenticeship in Community Facilitation. The programme with specialisation in Diversional Therapy is now designed to meet the qualification and competency requirements for registration with the NZSDT Inc.

Gael Ansell, President and spokesperson of the NZSDT Inc. expresses their support, “The New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Social and Community Services) in Community Facilitation provides a robust training programme for individuals looking at becoming Diversional Therapists. It is well-supported and resourced, with a team of Careerforce Apprenticeship Advisors who will provide pastoral care and support to apprentices.”

Careerforce appreciates the support and the input of the Society of Diversional Therapists in shaping the programme. Penny Rogers, Careerforce Apprenticeship Manager says, “We recognise that there are benefits to Diversional Therapists being part of the Society and would like to support them by updating the Apprenticeship in Community Facilitation to meet their qualification requirement.”

 “To become a registered Diversional Therapist and having a recognised qualification is a way to demonstrate the high level of professionalism in which Diversional Therapists operate.”

Ansell says, “Registration proves ongoing competency. The goal of the Society is to provide quality service and education in all aspects of Diversional Therapy to improve the lives of those in our care and promoting the highest standards of Diversional Therapy, through understanding, education, and the cooperation of fellow Diversional Therapists.”

Diversional Therapy is an integral part of New Zealand’s health and wellbeing sector. Social interactions, recreation and leisure are an essential part of human life despite age, and cognitive or physical abilities. Diversional Therapists organise, design, coordinate and implement non-pharmacological interventions and programs through holistic approaches, to enhance individual’s overall wellbeing.

For more information on the Apprenticeship in Community Facilitation specialising in Diversional Therapy, please visit the Careerforce website.

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This is a joint media release between Careerforce and the New Zealand Society of Diversional Therapists Inc.


Published on Scoop on 5 Feb 2018.