Careerforce is undertaking a scheduled review of the following Brain Injury Support unit standards.

The draft standards incorporate changes to incorporate initial feedback, improve clarity and assessibility, and make other technical improvements.

If you wish to participate in this review, please provide comments to by Monday 8 March 2021.

Select the unit standard title to read the revised unit standard document. 

IDTitleLevelCreditReview Category
26887Support rehabilitation for a person affected by brain injury410B
26888Support a person whose cognitive function has been affected by brain injury410B
26889Support a person whose behaviour has been affected by brain injury410B
26890Support a person physically affected by brain injury410B
26891Support communication for a person affected by a brain injury48B
26892Describe effects of brain injury on life roles, and implement strategies to support a person after brain injury48D


26893Support the psychological wellbeing of a person affected by brain injury48B
26894Support children affected by brain injury410B
26895Describe the human brain, brain injuries, and their classifications48B
26896Support a person to manage fatigue after brain injury46B

Refer to the Change Report for more information