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A word from our CEO. August 28, 2013

Good News!

We are increasing support for employers to encourage more training.

This is turning into another year of significant growth and our funder, TEC, has agreed to support us with additional funding. Following discussions with some of you, we agreed to pass the increase directly onto you to start or continue your learning programmes.

You will read more about this in our upcoming eChat, but I wanted to write to you personally and invite you to provide me with feedback on how Careerforce can support you in addition to what I am proposing here.

How can I access the additional funding?

  • If you have signed an Assessment Support Programme (ASP) contract with Careerforce, your completion payment will increase from 1 October 2013, from $11/credit to $13/credit. This increase includes your learners currently in training.  So, for example, the new payments for these popular qualifications will be up to:
  • $559 (GST incl) for Foundation Skills (Level 2)
  • $585 (GST incl) for Cleaning (Level 2)
  • $741 (GST incl) for Core Competencies (Level 3)
  • If you are not yet part of the ASP, you can still sign up and automatically receive the increased amount.
  • We have also extended the ASP to 31 December 2015 to align with your programme durations.

Can I access other support services using the ASP funding?

Yes, there are other new ways of accessing learning supports.  For example:

  1. Careerforce Assessor Support Services: You can access Careerforce contracted assessors to support your assessment programme. If you don’t have an assessor, or if your assessor is away or behind on their assessments, you can ask us to provide one and offset the cost against your ASP payment.
  2. Payments to Careerforce can be offset against your ASP payment.
  3. Skills Boost Literacy Supports: Our Skills Boost programme is a free service to all employers and provides literacy and learning support to help trainees succeed. The programme identifies the areas where trainees need assistance and puts support in place.
  4. Free Learning Resource Downloads: To further reduce the cost of training, from Monday 2 September, Careerforce workbooks are available for free download from the Careerforce online shop:

Thank you for your commitment to building a qualified workforce.  I look forward to your ideas for supporting the sector further.

Warm regards,
Ray Lind