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As is the case with some of our Industry Training Organisation (ITO) peers, the Careerforce name doesn’t naturally lend itself to an intuitive meaning, leading to market challenges around recognition of who we are, and what we do.

As a result of some soul searching, Careerforce has undergone a slight brand refresh, the most important element of which is the consistent incorporation of a new tagline, so that we can use all brand touchpoints to tell our story, and that supports our vision of improving the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders.  After significant thought, the new tagline which has been adopted and in the process of rollout is: “Qualifications for Life. Skills for Good”



Our trainees are at the core of a stretched health and wellbeing sector and complete incredibly important tasks which contribute a huge, and often undervalued, social good to New Zealand. We largely work with the non-regulated workforce within the health sector, referred to as the kaiāwhina workforce. The upskilling of this workforce not only leads to significantly better outcomes in the workplace, but also for significantly better life outcomes for the kaiāwhina workforce as a result of gaining formal qualifications, often their first.

We believe that this tagline reflects this; that our qualifications are foremost for/about life, that the trainees will have for life. Equally, skills that they will have forever and for social good.

A tagline is just one part of creating meaning, and we will continue to gather and tell our amazing trainee stories which truly brings what we do to life. All of which, over time, should result in less people approaching us with their CV’s on the misapprehension that we’re a recruitment company!