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A number of Unit Standard versions and one unit standard expired at the end of December 2014.  Once a unit standard version has expired, a trainee cannot be assessed against that version.  (Assessments against expired versions are not able to be reported to NZQA).

In Summary:

Expiring Standards

Moving and Handling
(Health, Disability and Aged Support) – Community Support Services
All versions Unit Standard 5012 expired 31 December 2014.

Expiring Versions of Unit Standards

The latest versions of some Unit Standards in these domains remain current with all earlier versions expiring in December 2014.

Brain Injury Support
Community Support Services*
Mental Health and Addiction Services
Whanau Ora and Community Support

Cleaning unit standards in Domains:
Cleaning Skills
Window Cleaning
Carpet and Textile Cleaning
Health Sector Cleaning
Cleaning Services Administration

Professional Development of Social Service Workers
Youth Work

*Community Support Services Standard 23452 – Version 1 expired 31 December 2014, Versions 2-4 continue to be available

Please download this document attached to see the full list of Unit Standard Versions that have expired:       Expired Unit Standard Versions

Updated August 2014,  modified February 2015