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Careerforce is reviewing its Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR 24, CMR 4, and CMR 222). 

Here are the main changes. 

Industry or sector-specific requirements for Consent to Assess

  • Criterion 3 – Staff selection, appraisal and development
    The proposed changes relate to staff engaged in training and assessment.
  • Criterion 6 – Off-site practical or work-based components
    The proposed changes relate mainly to safety, and the availability of equipment and resources when off-site facilities or resources are to be used for training and assessment.
  • Criterion 7 – Assessment
    The proposed changes relate to pre-assessment moderation of assessment materials and the availability of learners’ evidence for post-assessment moderation.
  • Criterion 8 – Reporting
    A new requirement has been added.


Moderation Requirements

  • Pre-assessment moderation
    Careerforce will charge for pre-assessment moderation of non-unit standard assessments against graduate outcomes.
  • Post-assessment moderation
    There is a proposed change to requirements plus a new section on action taken if
    organisations with consent to assess are found to have conducted assessments using assessment materials that have not first been approved by Careerforce through pre-assessment moderation.  Also changes to materials required for post-assessment moderation.
  • Funding
    This section has been amended
  • Appeals
    Details of the appeals process have been amended.

Download and read the amended CMR document


If your organisation wishes to provide feedback on the proposed draft, please reply to before close of business 23 August 2019.