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The Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMRs) that apply to unit standards for which Careerforce is the standard setting body, have been updated.  The three CMRs updated are CMR 4, CMR 24 and CMR 222.

The updated CMR 24 (version 9) is available here. Updated CMR 4 (version 7) and CMR 222 (version 7) are identical to CMR 24 (version 9).

  • The updated CMRs are in effect now.
  • Compliance with the updated CMRs is expected from 31 May 2020.

Main changes


1. Industry or sector-specific Requirements for Consent to Assess

Criterion 3: Staff selection, appraisal and development

  • Unit standard 30421, or ability to demonstrate equivalent knowledge and skills, was added to the requirements for appropriately qualified staff engaged in training and assessment, as an alternative to standard 4098;

Criterion 6: Off-site practical or work-based components

  • Requirements relating to safety, and the availability of equipment and resources when off-site facilities or resources are to be used for training and assessment were added.

Criterion 7: Assessment

  • The timeframe to submit self-developed assessment resources for pre-assessment moderation and approval of 20 working days prior to use was added;
  • Requirements relating to internal pre-assessment moderation of assessment materials and the availability of learners’ evidence for internal post-assessment moderation were added.

Criterion 8: Reporting

  • Timeframe to report credit achievement to NZQA of within three months of the standard being awarded was added.

2. Moderation Requirements

Moderation System

  • A section has been added relating to action that will be taken if organisations with consent to assess are found to have conducted assessments using assessment materials that have not first been approved by Careerforce through pre-assessment moderation;
  • The requirements for materials submitted for pre-assessment moderation were updated;
  • The materials required for post-assessment moderation was added.


  • The timeframe to send reports on assessment decisions and moderation outcomes was amended to within 20 working days of the meeting.


  • Costs related to moderation that may be charged was added.

Non-compliance with moderation requirements

  • The timeframe to supply further samples of learner work or revised assessment materials was amended to within 20 working days of the original moderation decision;
  • Costs related to non-compliance that may be charged were added.


  • Details of the appeals process were amended;
  • Final determination and decision for appeal cases will be made by the General Manager Learning Solutions.

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