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Careerforce is pleased to announce that the enrolment cost for the Dementia Limited Credit Programme will be reduced from $155 to $110 from 10 June 2013.

Making dementia training more accessible supports the Government’s recent commitment to increase training in dementia. Reducing the cost of training should result in more trainees in this critical area.

Dementia training gives caregivers the essential knowledge and skills they need to understand and care for people affected by dementia. Careerforce is also working with Alzheimers NZ to review and refine all dementia related training to make sure the content best meets current and emerging needs.

Learning resources and assessments

New workbooks and assessments are available for all four unit standards in the Dementia LCP. These new resources were completed and released this month.

This update is in line with Careerforce’s commitment to producing high-quality resources. Changes from the earlier versions include a more user-friendly layout, embedded literacy and improved content.

Employers or trainees can purchase or download the resources and assessments they require from our shop.