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Careerforce is reviewing six Diversional Therapy unit standards that are currently listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS) at levels 4 and 5.

We invite stakeholders and programme providers to provide feedback on the revised unit standards.

If your organisation wishes to comment on the proposed amended units, please reply to before the close of business on Friday 22 November 2019.  

These changes have been made to all six standards:

  • Formatting now complies with NZQA’s current template;
  • References to legislation, codes and documentation have been updated and expanded;
  • References to ‘diversional therapy’ have – where relevant – been amended to ‘diversional and recreational therapy’;
  • Edits to wording in the standards for greater clarity;
  • The last date for assessment using the current versions of these standards is 31 December 2021.

Select the unit standard titles to read the revised unit standard document.

Unit Standard Title Level Credit
5786 Develop, implement, evaluate, and adapt personal diversional and recreational therapy care plans 4 5
5788 Develop, implement, evaluate and adapt diversional and recreations therapy group care plans 4 8
5789 Identify, implement, evaluate, and adapt diversional and recreational therapy activities or programmes for people in supportive environments 5 4
5791 Identify safety concerns, assess risk, and develop strategies to ensure safety in a diversional and recreational therapy setting 4 5
5792 Develop, implement, evaluate, and adapt a diversional and recreational therapy care plan for a person experiencing grief and loss 4 3
5795 Describe and apply the principles of quality assurance to diversional and recreational therapy practice 4 4

Read more details on the changes to the DRT unit standards