Careerforce is reviewing four unit standards that are currently listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS). They are in the Health and Disability Principles in Practice domain.

We invite stakeholders and programme providers to provide feedback on the revised unit standards.

If your organisation wishes to comment on the revised standards, please reply to before the close of business on Friday 19 June 2020. 

The following changes have been made:

  • Where relevant, references to legislation and supporting documentation have been updated and expanded;
  • Edits have been made to terminology and wording for greater clarity in all unit standards;
  • The last date for assessment using the current versions of these standards will be 31 December 2021.


Select the unit standard title to view the revised unit standards. 

Unit StdTitleLevelCredit
27459Observe and respond to changes in a person in a health or wellbeing setting34
28521Recognise and describe responses to vulnerability and abuse in a health or wellbeing setting35
28542Demonstrate and apply knowledge of professional and ethical behaviour in a health or wellbeing setting35
28557Communicate to support people’s health and wellbeing35