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Health Ed Trust (HET) and Careerforce are set to merge – a move that has support from both the sector and NZQA.

Careerforce and HET have a long history of working together to support training in the aged care sector. From 2 May 2016, the two entities will merge, with Careerforce assuming the responsibility of supporting all workplace training HET has and is engaged in. As part of this merger, the intention is to bring HET staff over to Careerforce, to help lead the transition and support all workplaces as they transfer to Careerforce.

In the short term, little will change for how HET trainees interact with their workplace training and the combined Careerforce, HET team are dedicated to ensuring the transition is not a burden to any workplace. Careerforce Chief Executive, Ray Lind believes the supports, expertise in workforce development, research and evaluation and the strong corporate services offered by Careerforce will further enhance the training experience for HET employers and trainees.

Updated 15 April 2016