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We appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult for trainees to stay motivated with studies when there are other responsibilities and challenges in life.

As Careerforce learners progress through their training, they will receive quarterly emails to help them track their progress along the training journey. With each email, they’ll receive a progress report, and gentle encouragement where necessary*.  These reports detail progress on the unit standards that form part of their training programme.

Those trainees with no assessments reported after 90 days will receive an email notification to gently encourage them to make progress with their training. After a longer period of no activity, notifications will let learners know ahead of time that they may be placed on hold or withdrawn from their programme unless they complete some training activity.

Trainees can now also manage their own training progress

Careerforce trainees can also now access the Careerforce platform, iportal.  Once registered to access iportal, a trainee is able to view and download their own training progress reports where they can see which unit standards have been completed, and which are yet to be completed.

To register, trainees simply go to the iportal home page and click on ‘Register a new account’  where there is a helpful guide with extra instructions if needed.  It outlines how the trainee can view the record of achievement, trainee progress report, and more.

*some programmes are currently excluded