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Efficient and Effective Training Advertisement

A new training plan model has been developed in response to industry feedback with regards to respecting the existing competency of experienced staff. This model also allows for more quality time to support the learning gap.

Steps to more efficient training:

1. Assess staff competencies

As a first step in the training plan, Careerforce will work with workplace managers and coordinators to conduct an initial assessment by identifying recorded evidence of competencies of their experienced staff. This is followed by a question and answer session between the assessor and the staff to assess competencies that are not recorded.


We will focus on supporting the learning gap identified as a result of the initial assessment. Staff will be supported to gain additional skills and knowledge.


The final assessment is conducted by the assessor to ensure that the staff gained the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve the qualification.

“We were amazed at the amount of recorded evidence of staff competency that is already available. When we trialled this model, some staff are already half-way through completing a qualification,” says Gill Genet, Careerforce General Manager-Business Development. The new training plan is expected to differ depending on the level of staff experience and where and when evidence of competence is observed, heard or filed. They will be tailored to each organisation’s structure and setting.

Let’s not waste time. Contact your Careerforce Workplace Advisor to start setting up the new efficient and effective training plan with you.