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“Assessments that are simple, easy to understand, current, and flexible.”

You told us what you want and we listened. Now we’re introducing a new assessment style!

Committed to improvements

Each month our trainees and assessors send us nearly 100 assessment feedback forms. There are definitely some common themes and maybe they’re familiar to you:

  • The questions are repetitive.
  • The language is too academic.
  • The questions are too hard to understand.
  • There’s not enough room for answers.
  • It should be available digitally.

We’re listening and we’ve developed a new assessment style. It’s simpler and it’s designed with the trainee in mind. Some of the changes include:

  • simpler page layout for flexibility in assessment design.
  • definitions throughout the assessment when the trainee needs it.
  • commitment to using plain English.
  • increased space for answers.
  • Committed to learning.

We’re also building on the positive feedback we’ve received. Aspects that have been identified in the past as improving usability and understanding have been maintained. Our assessments and assessor guides will still follow the same format enabling assessors to easily follow both products.

Committed to sustainability

Increasingly, we’ve been asked to provide electronic assessments that can be completed on a computer. Our new style allows assessments to be easily translated into writeable assessments.

We’ve also cut out the colour and the extra pages. All our assessments are available for free download so we’re making them more print-friendly saving you time, ink and money.

The assessment styles

As Careerforce reviews and updates our assessments and resources we will be introducing the new assessment style. In the meantime, you may come across three different types of Careerforce assessments.

The “Assessment”

16843CoverThis is the latest Careerforce assessment style. It adopts an approach that is simple, flexible and easy to understand.

The “Trainee’s Assessment”


The Trainee’s Assessment (or Trainee Assessment) was originally a colour document, but was moved to black and white in response to feedback.

It adopted a much more user friendly layout and approach than the Trainee Assessment Portfolio.

The “Trainee Assessment Portfolio” (TAP)


The TAP is the original Careerforce assessment. While we’ve been phasing these assessments out over time, you may find one or two in your qualification.