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The Kaiāwhina Workforce Taskforce has received the survey report and confirmed it for publication.  The Kaiāwhina Workforce 5-year draft actions were prepared between January and May 2015.  An on-line survey was developed with the purpose of seeking support for the draft actions.

The Survey was conducted using a series of ‘pre-read PDF documents’ available on the Workforce in Action website.  Interested parties were invited to review and provide feedback on any or all of the draft actions in the following domains:

> Access
> Career Development
> Workforce Recognition
> Consumer Focus
> Quality and Safety
> Workforce Intelligence
> Sustainability

Broad Level of Support

94% of respondents supported the general direction or intent of the 5-year actions.

84.9% of respondents strongly agreed or agreed that the action plan, in its entirety, meets the vision.

When asked: We set out to create a series of actions that will help achieve the desired outcomes. To what degree have we achieved this? 89% felt the actions would strongly or somewhat achieve the outcomes.

Next Steps

The draft actions are currently being finalised. More to come later.

Updated 7 July 2015