Careerforce is seeking feedback on a draft report exploring preferred modes of learning for Health and Wellbeing programmes undertaken primarily via work-based learning. We invite stakeholders to undertake a brief survey to offer views on the report and its recommendations. 

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This report was produced utilising Tertiary Education Commission Transitional Industry Training Organisation/Workforce Development Council (TEC TITO/WDC) COVID-19 recovery funding and explores changing skill needs as a result of COVID-19 and how programmes could best align with employers’ contexts and the needs of employees undertaking training and apprenticeships.

Feedback will be collated and integrated to produce final findings and recommendations to be presented in June.

The plan is that these recommendations will help identify and redefine how work-based training programmes are adapted and structured to align with the choices and needs employees are experiencing; and that they provide dynamic choice and flexibility for trainees, apprentices, and employers to refine the content and adapt the delivery to suit the situation and environment.

The report makes the following draft recommendations:

Environment Recommendations

  • Identify and analyse what is changing specifically for healthcare support workers in target sectors.

Training Methodologies and Material Recommendations

  • Agree which skills are new, need updating or are now irrelevant for the roles that relate to each targeted qualification.
  • Develop an integrated blended learning model for employers and employees that suits different learning styles and organisational type.
  • Develop cross-organisation trainee networks to improve quality, consistency, and equality of training.
  • Foster a culture of collaborative and continuous learning
  • Introduce social influence through self-directed groups
  • Use, invest and develop e-Learning platforms further
  • Make all training materials accessible 24/7
  • Drive and develop stackable micro-credentials for high change, high demand areas

Employer Recommendations

  • Be the expert and anticipate.
  • Create a supportive learning culture.
  • Develop supportive learning cultures.
  • Make learning experiential for employees.