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Beginning in 2011, the three moving and handling unit standards for health, disability and aged support were reviewed to ensure they are current, relevant and fit for purpose. After extensive consultation the unit standards have all changed to varying degrees and this has impacted a number of qualifications.

Unit standards affected

Unit standard 5012 Demonstrate musculo-skeletal care and handle people safely in a health or disability setting.
This unit standard was identified quite some time ago as needing review. With the development of new ACC guidelines the standard was reviewed, and after consultation with stakeholders it was replaced by unit standard 27833.
This unit standard expires on December 31 2014. We encourage trainees to select either 26977 or 27833 instead.

Unit standard 26977 Move a person using equipment and care for equipment in a health, disability, or aged care context.
Changes were made to this unit standard to align better to ACC guidelines and to ensure that the suite of three standards was consistent and fulfilled the needs identified through the consultation.

Unit standard 27833 Support people to use assistive equipment and move in a health, disability, or aged care context.
This is the new unit standard that replaces 5012. Trainees can enrol in this unit standard at any time.

Unit standard 23452 Describe techniques for moving equipment and people in a health, disability, or aged care context.
To prevent duplication and ensure fitness for purpose, this unit standard was extensively revised and a new version has been registered.
The new version (version 3) has been reduced to three credits based on feedback and advice, instead of the four credits awarded for version 2. This may impact trainees selecting this unit for their qualification.
Version 2 expires on December 31 2014. The workbook and assessment for this will continue to be available until then.
We encourage workplaces that require 23452 to check that the trainee has the required number of credits for their qualification.

Learning resources and assessments

Workbooks and assessments will be available for unit standards 23452, 26977 and 27833 in September.

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