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Careerforce is excited to launch its new business and management programmes at Levels 5 and 6.

Leaders and managers in the health, wellbeing and hygiene sectors now have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and competencies using their own roles, organisation and sector knowledge.

So often the focus is on training for staff at levels 2 to 4, but professional development for senior employees is just as important.   An efficient and effective business relies on leaders and managers being armed with the relevant skills and competencies to improve, enhance and add value to the organisation. Developing exceptional leadership can help build a stronger and resilient organisation.

Following the demand from the residential aged care, disability, home and community, volunteer, cleaning and pest management sectors, Careerforce set out to develop leadership and management programmes that reflect the skills and knowledge essential for these sectors.

In July 2017, Careerforce launched new programmes that lead to the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Levels 5 and 6) Leadership and Management. These programmes will help current and aspiring leaders and managers meet their organisation’s goals and objectives. The Level 5 programme focuses on the organisation’s operational objectives while the Level 6 emphasises strategic objectives.

These diplomas recognise the employee’s skills and experience while building on their existing knowledge to manage and lead teams to effectively. Leaders and managers are then able to adapt modern business practice tools and strategies into their own workplace setting.

“We want to support leaders and managers to empower their teams and lead them to achieve their objectives. We want to enable them in making the right decisions for their organisations through modern business practice tools and strategies.”

Ray Lind, CEO, Careerforce.


The new business programmes will provide techniques that help employees become more ‘outcomes focused’ to help them achieve objectives in an efficient and effective way. Techniques will provide employees with skills that enable them to lead with confidence and use these abilities to bring about innovation and change within their organisation. Employees will build high performing teams, communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders and demonstrate problem solving and decision making.

A feature of the programme is Kōrero Mātanga (a structured conversation between the employee and assessor). This enables the leader or manager to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through story-telling and sharing experiences.

Links to resources that assist the employee to gain additional knowledge will also be provided.

To enhance the knowledge and background to the programmes, we will be involving Thought Leaders who will provide expert opinion and commentary on relevant news and issues related to leadership and management. These sessions will be broadcast online.


More information

New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5) Leadership and Management

More information and pdf Programme Brochure


New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6) Leadership and Management

More information and pdf Programme Brochure