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Migrant workers are increasingly important to the New Zealand aged care industry because they are able to fill labour and skill shortages.

This page contains links to guides and information for migrants coming to work in New Zealand’s aged care industry and for employers who may already be employing migrant staff, or may just be thinking about it.  This information has been provided by Immigration New Zealand.

Information for migrants
It can take time to adjust to living and working in a new country. No matter how long you stay in New Zealand it is important that you enjoy your time living and working here.  These guides will help you settle into new work and life in New Zealand.Working-in-aged-care-MigrantsGuideCover

Working in Aged Care in New Zealand  : a guide for migrants. [PDF 2 MB] A helpful and comprehensive guide for migrants working in Aged Care in New Zealand, which includes information on work rights and where to go for help, qualifications, health and safety, hours of work, and tips on communication in the workplace as well as  information about living in New Zealand.   The guide includes a set of checklists and tips to help migrants with settling into work in Aged Care. Support cards for aged care workers  in New Zealand [PDF 0.5 MB]

Information for employers of migrants
Employing migrants can be quite different from employing New Zealanders and new migrant workers may need quite a lot of your help, particularly at the start. Putting in a little extra effort at the start can mean:

  • Having a happier and more productive team
  • Fewer staffing headaches
  • Saving costs by retaining your migrant workers for longer
  • Adding value to your bottom line.

Employing-migrant-workers-AgedCareCoverThese guides will help you assist the migrant worker:

Are you employing migrant workers in Aged Care? A guide for employers. [PDF 3.7 MB] This guide contains information about some of these differences and provides you with insights and tips that will help you settle your new migrant workers into your workplace and maximise their contribution.

The guide includes a set of checklists and tips to help with settling your migrant worker. Support cards for settling your aged care workers [PDF 4.92 MB]


  • Your checklist to plan ahead
  • Support for employers of new migrants
  • More Than Words: communication tips for employers
  • A buddy system for new migrant staff
  • Helping new migrants settle and perform

More information
Immigration New Zealand’s Employer Hub has information about employing migrants, the visa options available and how to help your new employees settle in New Zealand. For more information for migrants and employers visit:

Updated 11 June 2014