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Care and support workers with overseas-gained nursing qualifications who also hold certain New Zealand tertiary qualifications will be considered equivalent to Level 4 for pay equity purposes.


Careerforce, the health and wellbeing Industry Training Organisation (ITO) contracted by the government to determine qualification equivalencies in light of the new Pay Equity Act, made the announcement today after careful analysis by its Qualification Equivalency team.

Previously Careerforce had determined those overseas-gained nursing qualifications from India, the Philippines, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom were equivalent to the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Level 3, as the international qualifications lacked the Level 4 qualification’s mandatory cultural competencies.


However, applicants with nursing degrees or diplomas from the Philippines, India, South Africa, Australia or the United Kingdom who hold additional New Zealand qualifications can now have these assessed to check if the combination of qualifications meets the requirement for Level 4.


Sue Roberts, Manager of Product and Marketing, says Careerforce’s Equivalency Team has assessed the learning outcomes of a number of combined overseas-gained nursing and domestic tertiary qualifications.


“We’ve received queries from care and support workers holding overseas-gained nursing qualifications as well as New Zealand tertiary qualifications,” Ms Roberts says.

“We found the combined outcomes of certain qualifications meet the equivalency requirements of the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 4), which is the mandated qualification required for care and support workers to be eligible for Level 4 pay equivalence.


“We are pleased to announce that the following qualifications alongside a nursing qualification from overseas give the applicant eligibility for level 4.”


  • NZ Ministry of Health’s Certificate of Achievement in Foundations in Cultural Competency,
  • Hauora Tangata: Māori Health Foundations (Massey University)
  • Diploma in Health Services Management Level 7 (Ntec)
  • Diploma in Management (Healthcare) Level 7, (IANZ)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science (EIT)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Health) (Toi Ohomai)
  • NZ Certificate of Public Health and Health Promotion (level 5) (Ringa Atawhai Maturanga Ltd)


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