Careerforce invites you to provide feedback on the newly developed Peer Support Work unit standards.

The 7 unit standards are now ready for circulation and feedback, after which they will be submitted to NZQA for approval and listing on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

If you have comments, questions, or feedback, please send them to by 12 June 2019.


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Unit StdTitleLevelCredit
PWUS1Identify and explain own culture, life experience and lived experience, personal attributes and values in peer work44
PWUS2Establish and maintain purposeful relationships in peer work416
PWUS3Support a person accessing support from a peer worker to identify, develop, and review progress to meet aspirations415
PWUS4Explain mutuality and authenticity, self-determination, and equity, and their application in peer work48
PWUS5Describe the evolution of peer work and the peer work role, and analyse peer work practices in Aotearoa New Zealand48
PWUS6Explain relational safety in peer work48
PWUS7Describe the development of a relationship between a person accessing support from a peer worker and their whānau47