Following New Zealand’s move to the red setting on the Covid-19 protection framework, our offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are currently closed.  However, we plan to continue with business as usual, or as much as possible under the circumstances.

Careerforce offices 

  • The Auckland office is currently closed under current COVID-19 Protection Framework restrictions.
  • The Wellington office is currently closed under current COVID-19 Protection Framework restrictions.
  • The Christchurch office is operating on restricted access until further notice and will not be accessible by the public until advised. 

We fully appreciate that training may not be your highest priority, with health and wellbeing sector staff likely to be under considerable pressure at the coming time. Our thoughts and best wishes are certainly with you.

Your regular contacts will all be available via their usual contact details, albeit not face to face. If there is anything we can do to support the commencement or continuance of your staff training, please let us know. We’re ready and willing to help.


Careerforce Training Agreements

Trainee/Apprentice proof of identification during COVID-19 restrictions

The Tertiary Education Committee (TEC) recognises that, as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions, many learners are not able to provide certified copies of documents in the usual way.

In response, the TEC is temporarily allowing some flexibility in how a learners identity may be verified.

These amendments enable us to verify a trainee or apprentice’s identity if they provide us with an electronic copy (i.e. scanned or photographed) of the relevant document, accompanied by a declaration from the trainee/apprentice that it is a true copy of the original.  There is flexibility around how they do this. e.g. The following information could be hand-written on a piece of paper and scanned or photographed and emailed to us with the relevant documents. It is important that the exact statement and fields below are used in any such declaration.

I certify that the attached is a true copy of the original document.
Signed: [print name and signature]
Date: [insert]

In addition, trainees/apprentices can still provide certified copies that have been certified by an authorised person if they already had them completed, or can do so within the Government’s COVID-19 response guidelines.

Trainee/Apprentice signatures during COVID-19 restrictions

For those instances where it is difficult to include the trainee signature, the following can apply.  Bear in mind that this should only be considered as an exception.
Careerforce is accepting training agreements without a trainee or apprentice signature. This also applies to Gateway training agreements.  However, please note – we do require the employer’s or Gateway co-ordinator’s signature. Once the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, it is not our intention to gain a signature retrospectively from the trainee/apprentice/student.  

Fees Free – Trainee Statutory Declaration

For those programmes not covered by TTAF, then Fees Free may apply. We acknowledge that during the COVID-19 restrictions, trainees may not be able to get their statutory declaration signed by an eligible witness. The TEC recommends that trainees hold onto their statutory declaration until we are out of the lockdown, and at that time complete the signing of it by an authorised witness as per our emailed instructions. Once signed, they can then scan/photograph, and email it to the TEC at:

It is important to note that as long as we receive your statutory declaration this calendar year, it will be processed for fees free.

Correspondence during COVID-19 restrictions

Largely due to our Christchurch office being closed for the foreseeable future, we ask that, if at all possible, all correspondence including training agreements and literacy & numeracy papers be sent via electronic means, to We will continue to process our emails and enrolments as per usual, and our team is available to answer any queries via 0800 277 486, Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm.


How can we help you?

While our physical offices are closed, we’re all endeavouring to work as normally as we possibly can under the circumstances.

Please contact one of our nationwide Careerforce Workplace Advisors to discuss how we can support the continuity of your training and development activities. We’re ready and willing to help.

Contact our Careerforce Workplace Advisors

24 January 2022