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Programme overview

This apprenticeship programme leads to the awarding of the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 4) Primary Care Practice Assistance qualification. It is well-supported and resourced with a team of Apprenticeship Advisors providing pastoral care and support.

The Primary Care Practice Assistance apprenticeship programme has been designed to support the apprentice to develop skills, knowledge and behaviours required to contribute to the effective operation of a primary care practice. The programme supports the apprentice to perform clinical tasks under the direction and delegation of a health professional and perform administrative tasks to contribute to the effective functioning of primary care and quality systems.

The programme encourages the apprentice to apply the theory into their current work role, to build capability and identify what they will do differently and then consider how it went. They’re assessed in real work situations where their new competencies can be observed.

Learning outcomes:

  • Engaging and communicating with people, family and/or whānau who are accessing social and community services in a manner which respects their socio-cultural identity, experiences, and self-knowledge.
  • Demonstrating a knowledge of kawa and tikanga and the ability to relate the unique place Māori have as tangata whenua of Aotearoa in their role.
  • Actively contributing to a culture of professionalism, safety and quality within a primary care practice or service.
  • Understanding New Zealand’s health and wellbeing aims and purpose and the impact on their role.
  • Applying knowledge of primary care to support people, family and whānau, and the healthcare team.
  • Contributing to the effective functioning of primary care administration and quality systems.
  • Gaining an in-depth knowledge of a condition, impairment, situation, or issue and applying the new knowledge to support clients.
  • Performing routine clinical tasks in primary care practice settings, under direction and delegation.

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Funding to support your business

Several grants and funding options are available to help meet the costs of attaining Careerforce qualifications. Employers may also qualify for the Apprenticeship Boost which provides a wage subsidy for new and existing apprentices in their first two years of training, encouraging employers to retain their current apprentices, and to take on new apprentices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Careerforce apprenticeship programme is for experienced staff. It builds on the technical skills and knowledge that staff already have, to develop their critical thinking, reflective practice and expand their ‘toolkit’. Apprentices need to have the support of their employer to be able to enrol.

Apprentices gain their skills and knowledge through on-job learning. The core value of vocational training is that it sets people up with the right experiences, skills and knowledge. Apprentices can earn while they learn, gain nationally-recognised qualifications, support more complex health conditions and handle challenging social issues, resulting in better health outcomes for the New Zealand community.

The learning at this level is self-directed and the apprentice will be developing new ideas and new ways of approaching their work. They will be stretched and allowed to explore special interest areas in greater depth, becoming more proactive rather than reactive.

The on-job learning is supported by Careerforce’s Aka Toi online learning platform.

Careerforce Apprenticeships are well-supported and resourced. The Careerforce Apprenticeship Advisor acts as “coach” providing one-on-one support appropriate to the individual apprentice and their needs. The apprentice’s advisor will engage with the employer and others as needed to provide additional learning support and appropriate pastoral care based on the apprentice’s needs. The Advisor could also be the assessor.

The expected duration for Primary Care Practice Assistance apprenticeship is 20 months.

The enrolment fee for this Level 4 apprenticeship is $2,000 (inc GST) NZD. 

The employer usually pays the fees for staff to enrol in these programmes. To enrol in a Careerforce programme, you must be currently employed, and have the support of your employer.

You may be eligible for Fees Free training. To find out more and to learn how to check your eligibility, see our Fees Free page.

Level 4

Ideal for

  • Administrative and Clinical Support roles across Primary Care
  • Primary Care Practice Assistants
  • Medical Centre Assistants
  • Kaiāwhina or Kaimanaaki Whānau
  • Whānau Ora centric roles
Relevant for the following sectors
  • Healthcare Services
  • 122 Credits
  • 20 months
  • $2000 (inc GST)