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Speech to text software can make everything a little easier when you’re studying. It can help with record keeping, research and note-taking, and save you from having to type lengthy passages of text.

The good news is that digital technology has made transcription services a lot more accessible, and simpler to use.

At Careerforce we’re often asked if the Careerforce online learning and assessment platform, Aka Toi, has a ‘speech to text’ function. ‘Speech to text’ is actually a function of the device being used, rather than part of the Aka Toi learning platform.  Different devices have their own peculiarities, but can be used in association with Aka Toi.

As more and more of our learners have asked about this topic, we have created a guide based on using a smartphone. Please take a look.  The guide can be found on Aka Toi or downloaded here.  You may find it to be a valuable tool to help with your studies.

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