The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Careerforce, has created five learning modules with useful advice on how to support your family and whānau during the pandemic, and halt the spread of COVID-19.

These modules are based on the course materials that health and care support workers use to gain their formal qualifications, and have been developed for all audiences to use at any point, not just in the current environment.

Click on the images below to open each learning resource.

Cleaning your hands

Cleaning your hands

Your hands are one of the most common ways to spread germs. Find out how to practise good hand hygiene and break the cycle of infection.

Stop the spread of COVID-19

Stop the spread

There are several different ways COVID-19 can spread. Find out what you can do to stop it.

Caring for a person with COVID-19 at home

Caring for a person with Covid-19 at home

Here’s what to do if you or a family/whānau member is suspected of having COVID-19.

Helping others with their personal care needs

Helping others with personal care

During this time, you may need to provide personal care to a family/whānau member or person in your bubble who you wouldn’t normally need to help. Here’s some information for you that will help you to provide the help required.

Working as a caregiver in your home

Working as a caregiver

In these unusual times, you may be asked to step in for regular caregivers to family/whānau members and be required to assist them with things that are outside of your comfort zone.  Here are some ideas on how to care for yourself and those in your household/bubble.