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The Qualifications Review is full steam ahead! Every qualification listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework will be changing to some degree as a result of the Review. How much it changes and how that change affects you will vary.

Keep training!

No graduate or trainee will be disadvantaged because of the Qualifications Review.

Recognition plans

Recognition plans will ensure that graduates are recognised for the qualifications they have achieved before the Review. For example, someone who has already achieved the Level 2 Foundation Skills National Certificate will be able to say that their qualification is equal to the new Level 2 Foundation Learning qualification.

Transition plans

All existing qualifications will be mapped to the new qualification suite. In addition, trainees who are training when the new qualifications become available will have the choice of completing their current qualification or transitioning to the new one.

What are the qualification changes?

As the Qualifications Review is still on going, we don’t yet know the answer to this, but we do know some things.

Name change

Every qualification will, at the very least, have a name change. The change will see them go from National Certificates and National Diplomas to New Zealand Certificates and New Zealand Diplomas.

Graduate outcomes

All qualifications will now identify graduate outcomes that describe what a someone completing the qualification knows, can do and be.

Programme of study

One qualification may have many programmes of study developed by education providers. NZQA will ensure that each programme maps to and matches the graduate outcomes. Programmes of study can be developed to align with sectors, roles, populations, contexts or, training approaches.

Fit for purpose

The Review has identified gaps, duplication and level inconsistencies in the existing qualification framework. The new qualification framework will address as much of this as is possible at this time.

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Updated on 20/08/2013