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Careerforce Learning Engagement Advisor, Laloifi Ripley explains the REAL model.

REAL is the Careerforce way of assessing in the workplace.  It stands for respectful, efficient, applied and living.  It’s about acknowledging the skills, knowledge and experience of the workforce and utilising this as part of the assessing. Approximately 70% of the learning in the workplace is done on-the-job, so we need to be thinking of assessment in the same way. It’s the gathering of naturally occurring evidence and using this to support/for assessment.

The benefits of the REAL approach to organisations and trainees are as follows:

For the employers it:

  • Recognises and respects current workplace and quality/competency processes.
  • Supports development of efficient processes and reflective practice.
  • Seamless and integrated into business model and processes, ie Business as Usual.
  • Time efficient.
  • Identifies what difference training makes to clients.
  • Efficient and contextualised to the workplace.

For trainees, the REAL approach is:

  • Trainee centred.
  • Motivating.
  • Focuses future effort on the new skills to learn.
  • Respectful.
  • Work-related.
  • Recognises what they ‘know and do’ already.
  • Transferable.
The role of the Assessor in implementing REAL in the workplace
  • Know the learner/Know the demand/Know what to do.
  • Build relationships with their trainees.
  • Have a good understanding of the different learning styles for adults.
  • Be familiar with the qualification they are assessing. Be familiar with the assessments.
  • Be familiar with the 3 ways to gather the evidence:
    • naturally occurring evidence
    • kōrero  maatanga/1:1 conversations
    • specific information gathering using training assessments
Comments from Assessors about the REAL approach.

“Really appreciated the approach and the idea presented of naturally occurring evidence and how to use evidence effectively.”

“Thinking about our workplace evidence in this way is a light bulb moment for us.”