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Learning and assessments are now available for Cleaning Level 2

An online learning and assessment support tool has been developed to support workplace training. It’s called MyPath – developed by Careerforce to improve workplace training efficiencies. MyPath enables trainees and assessors to access learning resources and assessments all in one place.

Learning and assessments for Cleaning Level 2 are now available online. It features interactive learning activities to improve trainee engagement. Most theory assessments are automatically marked. It’s a great opportunity to think about transitioning from paper-based to online learning and assessment.

MyPath offers time savings and convenience

Online learning and assessment through MyPath offers time saving for both trainees and assessors. Trainees can answer theory questions online where it’s automatically marked. That’s one less thing for assessors to do. Assessors can focus on marking practical assessments.

MyPath supports the REAL (respectful, efficient, applied, living) approach to training. If you have already adopted the REAL approach, training through MyPath is just the next step. Trainees’ existing skills are respected and recognised. MyPath also enables your workplace to improve training efficiencies.

Observation sheets can be downloaded from MyPath for observers or assessors to fill out. Once completed, observation sheets can be uploaded for assessor marking. Learn more about observers here.

With MyPath, training is portable and convenient. Trainees can learn at home, at work, at the library or the coffee shop. Wherever there is internet connection, they can access their learning resources. There is less paper to carry around for trainees and less paperwork for assessors to mark.

Here’s a video about Benefits of training through MyPath.

How can online learning and assessment work for your organisation

MyPath opens the doors to a more flexible and portable way of learning and assessment. We can help your organisation understand how MyPath can work to support your workplace training needs.

Contact us to arrange for a MyPath demonstration in your organisation.
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