Careerforce is reviewing 39 unit standards that are currently listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS) in the following domains:

  • Community Support Services;
  • Community Work;
  • Iwi/Māori Social Services;
  • Professional Development of Social Service Workers;
  • Provide Social Services;
  • Social Work;
  • Social Service Work with Abuse, Neglect, and Violence.

We invite stakeholders and programme providers to provide feedback on the revised standards.

If your organisation wishes to comment on the amended standards, please reply to before the close of business on Friday 17 July 2020. 

The following changes have been made:

  • The titles of unit standards 7938, 7952, 26972, 26973 and 23383 have been amended to reflect current terminology used in the sectors.
  • Guidance Information references and legislation have been updated where relevant;
  • Edits have been made to wording for greater clarity;
  • The last date for assessment using the current versions of these standards will be 31 December 2021.


Please select each unit standard title to read the full unit standard document. 

Community Work

7914Analyse concerns, issues, needs, and resources in the community66
7931Identify and define the community46
7939Provide a community or group with interpretations of social policies and structures56
7990Facilitate development of social liaison and networking in the community66
7991Contribute to educational and recreational programmes and projects46
7992Facilitate educational programmes and projects66
7994Facilitate strategies to effect community or social change66
8001Prepare and present proposals to raise and manage funds for social service projects63
19399Demonstrate an integrated practice theory for community work624


Community Support Services

7996Facilitate strategies to effect change in social policies, structures, or service delivery69
20966Demonstrate knowledge of support needs of a person with a brain injury in an aged care, health, or disability setting36
23383Establish and facilitate a learning plan with a person in a health, disability or community setting46
24656Support a person to identify aspirations and needs in a health, disability, or community setting510
24657Develop a support plan with a person in a health, disability, or community setting510


Iwi/Māori Social Services

16260Facilitate a person to identify their own whakapapa in an Iwi/Māori social services setting46
16261Research a whakapapa on behalf of another person or whānau in an Iwi/Māori social services setting56
16263Apply te tīmatanga o te ao, whakapapa, and whanaungatanga in Iwi/Māori social services59
16265Contribute to disputes resolution processes for Iwi/Māori social service purposes56
22962Explain the importance of the use of te reo Māori and use te reo Māori in Iwi/Māori social services59


Professional Development of Social Service Workers

7917Demonstrate self-awareness for social service work612
7918Implement a self-care plan for social service work56
7919Describe the roles and functions of social service workers44
7922Participate in professional social services supervision as a supervisee59
23350Integrate learning into a behavior, knowledge, skills, and value base for working as a kaitautoko512


Provide Social Services

7926Explain Te Tiriti o Waitangi for social service purposes46
7930Negotiate service provision with users of social services43
7937Provide information for specific social service needs56
7938Provide advice to individuals, groups, and communities in a social service setting66
7952Assist a social service user to identify and address their presenting concerns, issues, or needs46
8000Act as an advocate in social service work63
8071Establish and maintain working relationships with people of other cultures and life experience56
19410Prepare to establish working relationships with whānau in social service work412


Social Work

7957Co-ordinate family meetings and whānau hui43


Social Service Work with Abuse, Neglect, and Violence

7984Identify, respond to, and report in situations of suspected abuse, neglect, or violence43
7985Establish protection and safety plans in social service work with abuse, neglect, or violence69
18290Describe selected structural issues related to abuse, neglect, and violence46
18292Describe selected aspects of knowledge for working with abuse, neglect, and violence46
18297Undertake assessments in situations of abuse, neglect, or violence69
18298Assess presenting issues in situations of abuse, neglect, or violence46