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There is a recent development on the development of NZ Diploma in Addiction Studies (Level 6). Please click here to view the update.


Updated on 1 October 2014


Careerforce are not proceeding with development of the NZ Diploma in Addiction Studies (Level 6).

Following on from the previous update on 13 February 2014, Careerforce was waiting on dapaanz to confirm its position on professional registration for graduates of this diploma.

Last week, Ian MacEwen of dapaanz contacted Careerforce to let us know that the dapaanz Executive affirms the current dapaanz registration criteria. This means that dapaanz will not approve a generic level 6 qualification for registration.

The advice from dapaanz is that there are diminishing employment opportunities available to level 6 graduates. Increasingly, funders and employers have demonstrated that they will not accept a level 6 qualification, regardless of registration status.

The decline in employment opportunities and the lack of professional registration available to graduates of a proposed level 6 qualification, means that Careerforce has decided not to proceed with further development of the qualification.

If an organisation wishes to engage with the sector to establish an employment pathway for level 6 graduates, dapaanz has agreed to reconsider registration for a generic level 6 qualification. In the situation where sector support is demonstrated, Careerforce will support that organisation to take on the role of qualification developer.

Please email with any questions or comments.

Updated on 08 May 2014