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Careerforce is undertaking a scheduled review of the following Urban Pest Management unit standards.

The initial consultation phase has not identified any significant issues with the outcomes and performance criteria; however, the review identified areas where the clarity of language can be improved.  The draft standards incorporate changes to incorporate initial feedback, improve clarity and assessibility, and make other technical improvements.

It is not intended that significant change should be required to programmes incorporating these standards as a result of changes made at review.  It is requested that industry note any unintended consequences of redrafting and provide feedback during this consultation phase.

Read the summary of changes

Select the unit standard title to view the revised unit standards. 

Unit Std Title Level Credit
28786 Demonstrate knowledge of the purpose and impacts of urban pest management 3 3
28787 Demonstrate knowledge of the legislative framework and regulatory controls governing the urban pest management industry 3 3
28788 Demonstrate knowledge of health and safety in the urban pest management industry 3 3
28789 Demonstrate knowledge of communication, reporting and recording in the urban pest management industry 3 3
28790 Undertake an urban pest management assessment 3 14
28791 Undertake an urban pest management service 3 14

If you wish to participate in this review, please provide comments to by Friday 19 June.