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“We’re really pleased with the outcome of the training. We’ve seen a marked improvement in self-esteem, and in confidence and status in the home,” said Nicola Turner, General Manager Enliven Residential Services

When invited to give feedback to Careerforce about their experiences with the Cleaning
Programmes, participants gave an overwhelming vote of confidence.

video image-Click on image to see page with video or here View Video   “I was so excited to complete the cleaning programme,” said Tara Wati Sharma, Cleaner at the Cashmere Home, Presbyterian Support Central, when finishing the National Certificate in Cleaning and Caretaking (Level 2). Tara explained how the cleaning training has been practical in her work and very helpful for her day to day duties.

Nicola Turner, General Manager Enliven Residential Services, Presbyterian Support Central was excited to find that there was a qualification she could put her cleaners through. “Because of the support that we’ve had from Careerforce in terms of our support workers and our diversional therapists, we saw them as a really good organisation to assist our cleaners with as well.”

Nicola stated that their business had seen an improvement in staff performance. Some trainees were very nervous to begin with. Most of them had no other qualifications and had struggled in the school system. “We did see a significant improvement in the standard of cleaning. We now know that they are following proper processes….equipment and furniture is much cleaner.” said Nicola. “We’re really pleased with the outcome of the training. We’ve seen a marked improvement in self-esteem, and in confidence and status in the home.”

“The training is to help them understand the principles behind why things work…to understand what they are doing – so they understand not just what to do, but why they are doing it.” says Claude Gibbs, Managing Director Safety Work Kits and Careerforce Trainer/Assessor. “I expect that they’ll be a better cleaner,”

“The Careerforce Cleaning Programme is excellent because it’s aimed at cleaners who have some experience. People come into the training session with some idea of what they are talking about and what they’re looking at.

“They have a sense of worth with respect to what they’re doing. Cleaning as an occupation is often underrated. It’s a hugely invisible industry. Most people only notice it when they think it’s not being done, so the benefit to them is that they can think I’m doing something that is worthwhile and that people need.”

Paul Pritchard, Technical and Training Manager, Cleaning Systems Limited, Careerforce ITO Assessor works in a very niche field. Cleaning Systems is a distributor of products and equipment for the urban pest management industry, restoration and hazardous wastes industries and training provider in those industries.

Paul is very excited with the National Certificate qualification in Urban Pest Management. “Now we are seeing it being revitalised…..a new provider with some exciting training and development as a level 3 qualification.”

Paul was amazed at the amount of support that is provided for assessors not just in terms of systems, but in terms of human resources. He was impressed with the support he had received from the Careerforce Workplace Advisors. “They fulfil a very important role,” said Paul. “Careerforce staff have a ‘can do’ attitude. Their attitude is one of – we will make it work!”

For more information about the Cleaning Services and Urban Pest Management Sector, please click here.

Updated 31 October 2014