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Welcome to industry or workplace training. Here are some key information to get you started.


are involved in industry training?

Careerforce Advisor: Your Careerforce Advisor is going to support you and your workplace in setting up the training, provide advice on the qualifications and pathways to match your role and goals.

Yourself or the trainee : The person enrolled  and being supported to achieve a  qualification. Depending on the programme, you may be referred to as an apprentice or learner.

Employer/Manager : They coordinate on-the-job training activities and support in the workplace. They may also act as mentor and coach.

Assessors :  They carry out the formal assessment marking process and provide mentoring. They can be workplace assessors; contracted mobile or external assessors; or they can be Careerforce assessors. If you need assistance or have queries about your training and assessment, your first port of call will be your assessor.

Observers/Verifiers :  They are people working alongside you who are able to capture and attest to your skills and competencies. They will complete the practical elements of your assessments.

Customers/Clients : These are people affected by your performance and may ultimately benefit from your new knowledge and skills.


is industry training?

Industry training is also known as on-the-job training or workplace training. We also call it the earn and learn pathway. This is for people like yourself, who are already in employment looking to have your knowledge and skills recognised, who want to remain up-to-date or advance your career.

are you training?

Industry training is different from classroom training. Your ‘classroom’ is your workplace. You don’t necessarily need to sit down and receive lectures. You have the ability to learn at your own pace.

does training start?

As soon as we have verified your training agreement, you are enrolled as ‘trainee.’ You will receive access to your learning resources and assessments.

is training done in the workplace?

That is the beauty of industry training, your training is based on role and will be worked around based on your day-to-day tasks. You will be assessed on-the-job in actual work conditions.