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The Careerforce Workforce Development Conference was held from 20 to 21 May at Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand) in Wellington.  The Conference was an opportunity to bring people together to discuss the challenges and opportunities that face the workforce in this sector.

Common themes emerged from the conference.  Some of the international guests commented on the similarities of issues that we face globally.  Many of the challenges in New Zealand are the same as theirs, albeit on a much larger scale.

There was recognition from all speakers that the non-regulated health workforce is very much seen as the connecting link between clinical services and the delivery of healthcare to the consumer.

There were also similarities in the key messages from our local speakers. Almost all referenced the historically low salaries and funding issues, while recognising that many of the people in the non-regulated workforce are motivated not by money but by their own sense of the value of their work.

At the conference the joint initiative between Careerforce and HWNZ, the Kaiāwhina Workforce Action Plan, was also introduced. It was encouraging to see and hear the support for this work, which will define a clear pathway into the future for this workforce. Read More

It was important to gather together such a substantial collection of speakers and attendees to advance the discussion about the potential and the future of the non-regulated workforce in New Zealand.

Videos of presentations can be viewed and PDFs downloaded here:    Presentations

Updated 12 June 2014