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What does it mean that you signed a training agreement with Careerforce? It means that you have now made a commitment to work towards achieving a qualification. Your employer and we at Careerforce are committed to supporting you.

As a trainee, you have these rights:

  • To be communicated to clearly

Your assessor, employer and Careerforce have a responsibility to communicate with you as you go along your training journey.

  • To be informed

You have a right to be informed of all forms of support available to you, your training progress, and your assessment results.

  • To be provided with resources

Careerforce provides learning and/or assessment resources. Your employers are encouraged to supplement your learning with workplace materials, eg. policies and procedures and health and safety manual.

  • To be assessed fairly

If you are not satisfied with an assessment result, speak to your assessor. You are also welcome to contact Careerforce for support.

  • To be awarded a certificate

After completing all your assessments, you will be awarded a certificate by Careerforce that states the qualification you have achieved.

As a trainee, you have these responsibilities:

  • Be organised

Manage your work and training commitments as best as you can and complete within the timeframe agreed between yourself, your assessor and employer.

  • Be engaged

Let Careerforce and your employer know if you need additional support, have any questions or concerns which could prevent you from finishing in the agreed timeframe.

  • Be committed

Keep us informed if you no longer wish to continue with your training, would like to put your training on hold, or decide to leave your workplace and would like to talk about other options on how to continue your training programme.