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Here are the things you can expect, need to do and some tips to get the most out of your training.

1. Find out who your assessor is. If you don’t know, ask your manager.

2. Go to your manager or assessor to talk about how the training will work and who will be your observer or verifier.

3. Check with your manager or assessor if a literacy and numeracy assessment is required (if you haven’t completed one already).

4. Ask your manager or assessor for a training plan with a list of unit standards or modules that you have to complete as part of your training programme.

5. Find out where you are going to access your learning and assessment resources.

  • If you’re using paper-based, speak to your assessor about accessing them from the Careerforce Library at
  • If you’re learning online, you would have received an email with instructions on how to login to Aka Toi, our online learning tool. If not, contact us on 0800 277 486.

6. Establish an agreed overall completion date with your assessor to keep you on track.

7. Work back from the completion date and set target assessment dates for each unit standard or module to keep it bite-sized and manageable.

8. Make use of the learning resources provided to prepare for your assessments. You are welcome to refer to these resources as much as you need.

9. Write assessment answers in your own words to demonstrate your understanding.

10. Provide examples or real-life stories on your assessments to establish that you are able to apply the skills required in your role. To protect your client’s confidentiality, use only a first name or Mrs/Mr with their initial.

11. Submit your completed assessments when you’re ready.

12. Ask for and be open to feedback from your assessor. It is always good to know if you are on the right track.

13. Start going through the learning resources of the next unit standard or module on your training plan while you wait for feedback.

14. Complete all required unit standards or modules to receive your certificate, which is normally issued in 3-4 weeks after the last assessment result is reported by your assessor.

15. Keep your skills up to date. Speak to your manager if you want to do further study.