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New versions of the following unit standards were published between February and April 2013: 7915, 16843, 16849, 16850, 16856, 16857, 16861, 22256, and 22257.

Revisions were made to ensure that the level 3 Youth Work qualification is fresh and current. 7915 was added to this list as a useful standard.

The standards were revised in order to update terminology and references, improve clarity and readability.

As part of the revision process, the titles of 7915 and 16857 were changed. 7915 is now Describe social service work in Aotearoa New Zealand and 16857 is now Assist with developing, planning, delivering, and evaluating a youth development programme or project.

Levels and credit values of all nine standards remain unchanged.

These latest versions of these unit standards can be used from now on, however the previous versions can be used until the end of 2014.

New learning resources are able to be accessed for free on ilearn and assessments can be purchased or downloaded for free from the shop.

Updated: 24 April 2013