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Te Puke apprentice, Israel Hapi, is helping kids turn their lives around.

Israel is a passionate advocate for young people, and he overflows with enthusiasm about the rewarding work he does, and his recent studies.

The inspirational 20 year old is employed as a Rangatahi support worker with kaupapa Māori provider Ngā Kākano.  He has successfully completed the Level 4 Apprenticeship in Health and Wellbeing, with support from industry training organisation, Careerforce, and is eager to continue studying, upskilling and becoming more qualified.

Israel Hapi

At Ngā Kakano, Israel is a co facilitator for youth programmes, specialising in fitness and wellbeing.  In this role he inspires young people who have disengaged from mainstream schooling, and/or may be at risk.  He helps to re-engage these young people, to build their identity and confidence and make healthy choices.  He supports them to transition back to school, or training or employment and equips them to make positive decisions.

It’s really rewarding when you see the outcomes

“We work with young people who may have behavioural issues or are considered high-risk,” says Israel. “We also work with in-school students who may have experienced challenges in their lives.”

“I enjoy being a role model for the kids, showing them that they can make mistakes when they are younger,  but that they can also get out of it as well.

“It’s really rewarding when you see the outcomes. You see them progress.  I love to see them gain more confidence.”

Israel says he was excited to start his Careerforce apprenticeship . “Honestly, I loved it way better than school. It’s different to learning in the classroom because you apply it, while you’re learning it. Whereas at school, it’s just straight theory, and you’re not really getting deep into the subject.  But this does.  This is cool!

My organisation has also been so supportive

“I just wanted to get all of it done straight away, but COVID kept getting in the way.  I did kind of struggle at times because of COVID, but with the help of Richard [Coad], my Careerforce Apprenticeship Advisor, I still managed to get learning modules finished within a reasonable time.”

Israel described Richard as a great support, “I’d like to work with him again! He has always been the solid rock”.

“My organisation has also been so supportive.  If I ever needed to ask them anything to do with my assessments, they would help me straight away, the support was very good.”

Israel says he really valued the self-reflection part of the learning.  “It helped me to reflect on the activities I do, and to see how engaged the kids were.  It helped me be more specific in my facilitation so that I could be more direct to the kids.  It helped me see their likes, dislikes and their strengths and it helped me shape the programme towards them.”

Israel is eager to advance his studies further and is keen to enrol in the Careerforce’s Level 5 Health and Wellbeing Diploma. He also has his sights set on completing a Bachelors in Social Work after the Diploma and would like to move into working within the mental health field.

More information

Employers wishing to take on an apprentice may be eligible for the Government’s Apprenticeship Boost fund – which provides them with up to $1000/month for each apprentice they enrol. This fund is currently available until August 2022. Additionally, and via the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF), Careerforce apprenticeship programmes are currently fees free for enrolments through to December 2022.

Find more information about the Careerforce Apprenticeship in Community Facilitation.