Careerforce resources (workbooks and learning guides) are subject to Copyright.

All rights reserved.  Careerforce is the owner of the copyright of its resources. Other than as permitted by the Copyright Act 1994, no part of Careerforce workbooks and learning guides may be reproduced, copied or transmitted in any other form or by any other means, without prior written permission from Careerforce.  Contact


Careerforce assessments are subject to copyright and are designed to be used in the format provided.

However some organisations may wish to change the format, for example, when two assessments are assessed at one time.

Whilst this may be done, what is created is a new document, which is not a Careerforce document, and it will require moderating prior to being used.

Guidelines for organisations creating own assessments based on Careerforce’s trainee assessments
  1. Do not use Careerforce branding – i.e. Careerforce logo, Careerforce formatting. Instead, use the organisation’s document presentation styles, logos, colours, fonts, etc.
  1. Written acknowledgement must be given in the document, that the resource has been adapted from Careerforce material. For example:

‘This resource is the property of (name of organisation). It has been adapted from Careerforce material covering trainee assessment documents for unit standards (give the US numbers) in the (name of qualification) Level (#).’

  1. Acknowledge in writing, within the document, that the organisation is responsible for updating when changes to the assessment requirements occur. State that this includes changes to assessment questions resulting from sector feedback or version changes from the normal review process. For example:

‘(Name of organisation) will take responsibility for updating this document when changes to the assessment requirements for these unit standards occur. This includes monitoring the original documents on the Careerforce website for any changes to the assessment resulting from sector or other feedback, and monitoring changes to the unit standard version through the NZQA website.’

  1. Once completed, submit the new document to Careerforce’s National Moderator for pre-moderation. Prior to its use, submit to:

National Moderator
PO Box 2637
Wellington 6140

  1. Explain how this document is going to be submitted for post-assessment moderation (ie after being used as an assessment tool). For example:

‘This document includes the verification activities pages from a number of Careerforce Trainee Assessments. Once verification has been completed these pages are reunited with the trainee’s written answers pages. The entire booklet is then assessed. The entire booklet is therefore submitted for post-assessment moderation. ‘

  1. Where an organisation-specific assessment document groups two or more unit standard assessments together, the whole document needs to be presented at moderation even when only one of the unit standard assessments is being moderated.
  1. Please be aware that assessors should retain trainee assessments for a period of 12 months for post-assessment moderation so they can produce these if requested by the National Moderator.