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Careerforce is committed to the development of a valued, recognised and qualified aged care, home and community and disability workforce that meets the needs of clients, their family and whanau. We believe that the government’s pay equity settlement has the potential to support the recognition of this workforce.

It is important to note that Careerforce were not a negotiating party to the settlement. We found out the settlement and training details at the same time as the rest of the sector.

Careerforce met with NZQA and the Ministry of Health on 19 May 2017 where we were asked to lead establishing the equivalency of existing or expired care and support qualifications to New Zealand Health and Wellbeing qualifications.

In the first 3 days since the request, we mapped 14 qualifications. We are now receiving requests about qualifications that may or may not be relevant to the care and support role. The MoH understand that it will take analysis and time to establish their relevancy. We anticipate there could be up to 200 different qualification requests to do.

To view a list of care and support qualifications equivalent to current New Zealand Health and Wellbeing Certificates (levels 2, 3, & 4) for pay equity purposes only, click here.