Last updated: 19 June 2019

Review of: NZC in Cleaning L2 with optional endorsement in Health Care Facilities Cleaning, NZC in Cleaning L3 with optional strands in Specialist Cleaning and Supervision

We are pleased to announce that consultation for the Qualifications Pathway Review (QPR) of Cleaning qualifications is now open. 

The review will ensure necessary amendments are made to qualifications to reflect emerging trends, and changes happening across the cleaning industry. It will also check to ensure qualifications continue to reflect industry requirements and to identify if there is ongoing support from the sector for the qualifications under review.

The review will consider the qualification details, specifications and conditions to ensure they reflect the skills, knowledge and attributes expected to be demonstrated as graduate outcomes.

Careerforce programmes that lead to the awarding of qualifications are not part of the review.

The review covers the following:

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To provide feedback, please follow this link or copy and paste on your browser: 

For questions, or if you want to discuss any aspects of the review further, please email