Last update: 20 Aug 2020

The NZ Certificate in Skills for Living for Supported Learners (Level 1), with an optional strand in Skills for Working was approved in 2015 and is currently being reviewed.

Following initial feedback and subsequent survey results the review group met and is making the following 2 key recommendations:

1. That the single stranded qualification be replaced by 2 qualifications:

  • Qualification 1: 60 credits     (1 year)           Skills for Living (no strand)
  • Qualification 2: 120 credits   (2 years)         Skills for Living, Learning[1] and Working

2. That the outcomes of Qual 2 incorporate the outcomes of Qual 1, but be contextualised to reflect the older age-group of learners, and focusing on progressing to work and/or future learning.

The review group made additional recommendations, mainly of a tweaking/clarifying nature, including:

  • Specifying that these qualifications are for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Indicating that the intended learner group for Qualification 2 is adults.

Please review the draft amended document showing Qualification details.  It shows the current certificate and both recommended replacements.

Review the draft qualification details

If your organisation wishes to provide feedback on the proposed draft qualification details, please reply to before close of business 10 September 2020.

[1] The Skills for Learning concept was added as the view was expressed that some of the people in a programme leading to the adult-focused qualification may wish to progress to further learning, not necessarily to employment.