Review of Cleaning level 2 and 3 programmes

As the Industry Training Organisation for the Cleaning industry, Careerforce is planning a review of the Level 2 and level 3 cleaning programmes and is encouraging employers and industry organisations to provide feedback on these programmes.

This activity follows the review of the level 2 and 3 qualifications which was completed in 2019/20.

Cleaning Programmes
The programmes to be reviewed are those leading to the 

Programme Review – who, what and when

The review will take a comprehensive look at the make-up of unit standards in the programme of industry training (PIT), and assessments and learning guides for the two programmes.

The format of the two Programmes of Industry Training (PITs) will also be reviewed to ensure they include all the changes in the qualification following the Review in 2019/20.

We will be inviting people from residential aged care and community, commercial cleaning, hospital settings, and cleaning franchises to participate in a series of online meetings. The meetings will be to gather feedback to ensure programmes remain fit for purpose, lead to meaningful career pathways and are meeting the changing needs of the sector to reflect industry requirements.

The current learning guides and assessments can be downloaded from the Careerforce library:

NZ Certificate in Cleaning (Level 2)

NZ Certificate in Cleaning​ (Level 3):

Online meetings

Unit standard and programme design reviews will be undertaken via online meetings, with each meeting focusing on one programme.

Meeting 1: Tuesday 11 May (1pm – 3pm) Cleaning Level 2 – US
Meeting 2: Thursday 13 May (1pm – 3pm) Cleaning Level 2 – US
Meeting 3: Friday 14 May (1pm – 3pm) Cleaning Level 3 – General Cleaning US
Meeting 4: Tuesday 18 May (1pm – 3pm) Cleaning Level 3 – General Cleaning US


Contact us

To participate in the meetings, please indicate which meeting(s) you would like to join and who will be attending via

You can also provide feedback on these programmes, by contacting:

Last updated 29 April 2021