Last updated: 10 Dec 2020

We wish to advise that the reviewed New Zealand Certificate in Public Health and Health Promotion (Level 5) is now approved by NZQA.

This qualification had very few changes required. The main changes are to meet NZQA requirements.

  • In NZQA’s revised template some sections have been re-arranged and headings are now in English and Māori.
  • ‘Guidance information’ that was included in the previous version of the qualification document is no longer allowed to be included, so key features have been incorporated into the re-worded graduate outcome statements.
  • The graduate outcomes have been amended to meet NZQA’s current requirements and to reflect aspects that were previously included as conditions.

NZQA page outlining the Qualification

The last date of assessment of programmes leading to version 2 of this qualification is
31 December 2022.

Thank you for your contributions to the qualification review process. If you have any questions, please contact