Last update: 6 November 2019

The NZ Diploma in Vision Habilitation/Rehabilitation (Level 7) was approved 5 years ago and is now due for the required NZQA qualification review.

There is currently only 1 training programme leading to this qualification, and this is being delivered by the Blind Foundation.

Careerforce met with representatives of the Blind Foundation to draft an amended qualification document that meets NZQA’s current requirements.

The amended qualification document was submitted to NZQA and is now approved and listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

NZ Dip Vision Habilitation/Rehabilitation (Level 7) with strands in Daily Living, Low Vision Therapy, Orientation and Mobility, and Technology and Communication v.2 (150 credits)

Please note the date for assessments leading to version 1 of this qualification is 31 December 2022.