Qualification and programme overview

This programme provides the Urban Pest Management (UPM) industry with competent technicians who have the skills and knowledge required to safely carry out pest management in built environments with limited supervision. This programme is delivered through the workplace by Pacific International with support from Careerforce. Learning resources and assessments for this programme are only available through the training provider.

The programme includes developing and/or recognising the following competencies in your staff:

  • Maintaining health and safety in a range of conditions.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of the legislative framework and regulatory controls governing the urban pest management industry.
  • Communicating, reporting and recording information for workplace requirements.
  • Identifying the purpose and impacts of pest-control activities.
  • Identifying, controlling and monitoring pests commonly found in an urban environment.

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Do you already have the National Certificate?

If you have the National Certificate in Urban Pest Management (Level 2), you only need to complete 2 unit standards to achieve the New Zealand Certificate in Pest Operations (Level 3) Urban Pest Control.

Download standalone unit standards form

Complete standalone unit standards form and pay the following fees:

  • $155 (GST inclusive) qualification fee payable to Careerforce and
  • $300 per unit standard (+GST) to Pacific International for all coursework/materials and on-site assessment.

Graduates of the National Certificate in Urban Pest Management (Level 2) only need to complete the following unit standards:

28786    Demonstrate knowledge of the purpose and impacts of urban pest management
(3 credits)

28787    Demonstrate knowledge of the legislative framework and regulatory controls governing the urban pest management industry (3 credits).


To enrol in the New Zealand Certificate in Pest Operations (Level 3) (Urban Pest Control), please complete the expression of interest form.

Complete Expression of Interest Form

* Careerforce qualification fee: $230 (inc GST). Coursework materials and the practical on-site assessment fee: $3000 (inc GST), payable to Pacific International (payment plan available).

Level 3

Ideal for

  • Individuals who are already working in the urban pest management industry, including those who have recently become employed.
  • Pest Control Technicians.
  • Exterminators.

Relevant for the following sectors

  • Urban Pest Management
  • 40 Credits
  • 7 months
  • *$230 (inc GST)

When we look at urban pest management, we look at hazardous cleaning and carbon textiles. Most training that’s provided is offshore. It’s exciting to see that now qualifications are more accessible, and to New Zealand standards and recognised as New Zealand qualifications.

Paul Pritchard | Technical and Training Manager