Careerforce is intending to revise and rollover 16 standards in the Health, Disability, and Aged Support Subfield ahead of ‘Standard Setting Body’ responsibilities transferring to the Toitū te Waiora / Community Health Education and Social Services Workforce Development Council.

There are no changes to unit standard credits, outcomes, or performance criteria.


  • Changes were made to Guidance Information.
  • The standards were updated to the current template.
  • Planned review dates have been moved out from 31 December 2021 to 31 December 2023.

If your organisation wishes to comment on the revised standards, please reply to before the close of business on Friday 13 August 2021. 

Please read the US documents below with tracked changes.

US numberUS titleLevelCreditsUS document with tracked changes
28537Undertake self-care to maintain and enhance personal wellness in a health or wellbeing setting4528537
28558Explain the impacts of colonisation on health and wellbeing for tangata whenua, and in a health or wellbeing setting4428558
29456Compare the key attributes of service philosophies used in health or wellbeing settings4229456
29457Explain factors influencing people’s health and wellbeing and their implications when providing support4829457
29458Demonstrate knowledge of Aotearoa New Zealand’s contemporary health and wellbeing sector41529458
29459Engage with tangata whenua and provide information on community support services in a health or wellbeing setting4629459
29460Develop and maintain positive relationships to achieve outcomes in a health or wellbeing setting41029460
29461Contribute to the safety of people, self and others in a health or wellbeing setting4529461
29462Demonstrate knowledge of responding to people in situations of vulnerability in a health or wellbeing setting4529462
29712Contribute to identifying intended outcomes for a person in a health or wellbeing setting and evaluate own performance4529712
29713Work alongside a person to achieve intended outcomes in a health or wellbeing setting and evaluate own performance41529713
29714Identify and contribute to community networks to support health and wellbeing4529714
29715Demonstrate knowledge of a social issue or situation relevant to a New Zealand health or wellbeing context4629715
29716Demonstrate knowledge of a condition or impairment relevant to a New Zealand health or wellbeing context4629716
29717Relate a researched service philosophy to the provision of support in a health or wellbeing context4429717
29718Reflect on new learning to identify implications for own practice in a health or wellbeing context4529718